Importing EPSF files from GCG to elsewhere

Jaime Prilusky lsprilus at weizmann.weizmann.ac.il
Mon Feb 7 00:34:52 EST 1994

In article <1994Feb4.100751.13480 at crc.ac.uk>
Dr. C. Dolphin, cdolphin at crc.ac.uk writes:
>GCG allows for graphics to be saved as EPSF files which can then be
>transferred back to the PC or MAC (I use kermit for this). Back on
>the MAC I can download these files to a suitable postscript printer
>without any problem. However what I can't get to work is to import
>these EPSF files into a package such as Illustrator, Cricket Draw 3
>Canvas, which are all supposed to be able to handle files in EPSF
>format. For instance, Cricket Draw will read the file to give a box
>of postscript text but will not import it into a document to give the
>figure. I'm sure this should work 'cos if you draw a pic in Cricket Draw
>and save it as an EPSF file you can subsequently import it into a new
>document to give the pic. Why can't I do this with EPSF files from
>GCG ?

The Macintosh EPSF (encapsulated PostScript file) has, besides the
PostScript text itself (that described the image), a PICT resource
which is used for displaying the preview.

When you are saving an Illustrator, Cricket Draw 3, etc, document as
an EPSF file, the application saves, at the same time, the preview
PICT resource.

GCG, living in a unix/VMS environment, is not prepared to create for
you a data/resource file. Since the EPSF file you are importing into
your Macintosh software has no preview, the software shows on the
screen as much as it can: the Bounding Box.

You may use the offered rectangle as a way to position/scale/rotate your
graph, while building a new document. Even without preview PICT, the
printing of the resulting document should came out without problems.

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