The problem of GelDisassemble

CHANG, VIVIAN VIS at icbr.ifas.ufl.edu
Thu Feb 3 09:29:30 EST 1994

GELSTART begins a fragment assembly session by creating a new

fragment assembly project or by identifying an existing project. 

 What is the name of your fragment assembly project?  

 GelStart has found your project: USR:[DGABR.CITRI]

 Project CITRI has 33 fragments in 33 contigs. 

 You are ready to run the other fragment assembly programs.

GELDISASSEMBLE breaks up the contigs in a fragment assembly

project into single fragments. 

 Are you sure you want to disassemble your project (* No *) ? 

 1) Emptying "relation" directory...

 2) Emptying "consensus" directory...

 3) Copying "working" to "consensus"...

 4) Creating "relation"...

Access violation, reason mask=01, virtual address=47434347, PC=005D87EC, PSL=03C00020
Symbolic stack dump follows
module name     routine name                     line       rel PC    abs PC

                                                           005D87EC  005D87EC
                                                           005DAAE5  005DAAE5
GETSEQLEN       GETSEQLEN                          20      00000016  005C76DE
GELDISASSEMBLE  GELDISASSEMBLE                    105      0000013D  005C753D

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