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In <1994Feb3.093929.8009 at nic.funet.fi> harper at nic.funet.fi writes:

> The Mac user are complaining that arrow and sometimes
> control keys do not work properly in gcg programs.
> Typically you get a D and a C printed when using the 
> left and right cursor keys
> For example in the case of seqed it is impossible to move along the sequence
> with arrow keys. The same thing works from a PC. Both computers are using
> Telnet. Mac Telnet version number is 2.5.

I think this is not a matter of GCG but most probabely due to the terminal
emulation you are using on the Mac. SEQED uses some tricky escape code
sequences and is therefore a good test for emulations of VT-teerminals.
We have TCP-Connect II here and no complaints so far.

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