Pairwise identity from multiple alignment with DISTANCES

Stephane Vuilleumier vuilleumier at micro.biol.ethz.ch
Fri Dec 16 14:03:12 EST 1994

I previously used DISTANCES with parameter set to 1.5 to calculate 
pairwise identities between sequences in a multiple alignment. In the
new GCG version now  installed at our site, this possibility has (as far as I
can tell) disappeared (choice between uncorrected, Jukes-Cantor and 
Kimura distances), and the output is the number of substitutions per
100 nucleotides. 
Can I still use GCG to do pairwise identities from a MSF alignment in 
this version of the program?
Thanks for any suggestions
Stephane Vuilleumier
Mikrobiologisches Institut
ETH-Zentrum/LFV             Tel:   (+41) 1 632 33 57
8092 Zurich                 Fax:   (+41) 1 632 11 48
Switzerland                 email: svuilleu at micro.biol.ethz.ch

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