programs to highlight identity in MSF files

Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Mon Dec 12 16:34:48 EST 1994

Les Klimczak (lklimcza at sas.upenn.edu) wrote:
> 	We are looking for a program that will automatically highlight
> identical and similar residues in .msf output files and that will also
> allow further editing and annotation.
> 	The best program we have found so far is BOXSHADE, but its 
> limitation is that the PS output file cannot be easily modified. 

The PS output by boxshade can be modified with Adobe Illustrator or
Aldus Freehand. You'll require a _fast_ computer for this since every
letter is handled as a single object, as is every shaded box behind
the letter. A PowerMac 6100 with a native version of one of the programs
mentioned above is fine for sequence alignments which are not longer than
one page.

Disclaimer: I am not benefitting in any way from mentioning trademarks :-)


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