problem with Red

karen kenny kkenny at opal.vcu.edu
Fri Dec 9 15:52:06 EST 1994

> red format (topir.red). I waited a bit and nothing happened. I typed
> return one times, a second times and I received the following message:
>  topir.red can't include header!
>  Did somebody experience this problem.
> I tested with name that GenDocInclude points to the correct >directory.

Actually, the document is being formatted and written to disk,
though you'd never know it from what is output to screen.  I
have GCG 8.0 here on an old dinosaur VMS system, and I run
RED from the command line.  It takes a while to format the
output .PS file.

The header messages can be ignored.  I had a list of several
hundred output to screen when formatting the entire Program
Manual, and when I called GCGsupport, they first told me I
wasn't seeing what I was seeing.  Then, they told me to ignore
them, since the header files RED was trying to INCLUDE were
for UNIX platforms.  [does multiple IF stmnts come to your
mind?  they did mine!]

Relax and be patient.  RED will finish.

Karen Kenny
Health Science Computing Services
Medical College of Virginia

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