printing red files

Michael Hogan hogan at GCG.COM
Fri Dec 9 17:53:20 EST 1994

I just wanted to clarify a couple of points here.  First, setplot is
used to set up the graphics output.  This could be a plotter, printer,
graphic terminal, or a file.  RED sends output to the location defined
by the logical name LPRINTPORT.  LPRINTPORT will always point to a
postscript device or to term (LPRINT outputs postscript, exclusively).
LPRINTPORT is not defined by setplot.  If you want RED to send
postscript to a file then use the command line qualifier
/out=filename.ps (on unix -out=filename.ps).

Second, you must initialize gcgsupport before trying to "red" document
files.  This defines some additional logical names and symbols that
are necessary for such things as locating the .header files for red
documents.  This should have been better documented and we apologize
for this.  

The warning about the .header file should not be ignored.  This file
contains commands for interpreting symbols that we use to distinguish
the Unix and VMS operating system conventions (/qualifier on VMS
vs. -qualifier on Unix, for example).  You'll still get output, but it
will look pretty strange in places.

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