MSF as input to plotsimilarity

Keith Robison robison at golgi.harvard.edu
Sat Dec 3 02:40:22 EST 1994

Brian Foley (brianf at med.uvm.edu) wrote:
: 	The documentation says that the output created by PILEUP 
: (the pileup.msf file) can be used as input to PLOTSIMILARITY.

: 	However, this is not working for me.  PLOTSIM says it cannot
: read pileup.msf. 

You have to specify the file as pileup.msf{*} (select all sequences
in pileup.msf), or else you will get this wonderfully non-informative
message from any program which takes an MSF file as input
(I've banged my metaphorical shin on this thing many times).

Keith Robison
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