List of entries --> descriptions?

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Sat Dec 3 07:32:26 EST 1994

Cornelius Krasel (krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de) wrote:
: I would like to make a file which contains in addition the short
: description of each entry behind the entry name (e.g. PIR1:A35768
: small nuclear foobar protein, mouse, 37 kD). 

You could run the 'names' program and report the names into an output file, 
i.e. (VMS tonguei, UNIX is same)

$ names

NAMES identifies GCG data files and sequence entries by name. It can
show you what set of sequences is implied by any sequence specification.

 NAMES for what GCG data file(s) ?  @nam.fil

 What (file of filenames) output file (* TERM *) ?  test.data


 Names written into "Test.Data".

The file nam.fil looked like 

The output is 
|! NAMES from: @nam.fil  December 3, 1994  13:27  ..
|pir2:a35768 >F1;A35768 T-cell receptor alpha chain V-J region (34S-281) - mouse(fragment) C;Species: Mus musculus (house mouse) C;D

More sophisticatedly, use the SRS System (T.Etzold) and read in a file 
of sequence names - I believe ATLAS (PIR Int'l) can do this, too. Then, 
(in SRS) show any field you like and write this buffer to a file. 
For this, you must have installed SRS locally (on your local area cluster).
If there were enough demand for doing this via the network we could 
build a HASSLE service for this feature. 


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