List of entries --> descriptions?

Cornelius Krasel krasel at alf.biochem.mpg.de
Fri Dec 2 16:02:08 EST 1994

Hello (bio)computing gurus,

I have the following problem: I have generated a list of approx. 5000
PIR entries which contains one entry name (i.e. PIR1:A35768) per line.
I would like to make a file which contains in addition the short
description of each entry behind the entry name (e.g. PIR1:A35768
small nuclear foobar protein, mouse, 37 kD). The only idea I had
so far (fetching all of the files and extracting the description by hand)
seems not very feasible because of the lack of disk space :-) Is there
another (VMS-based) way to accomplish this?

[Unelegant approach:
 One could probably write a DCL command procedure which reads the file
 line by line, fetching each entry, extracting the description and
 deleting the entry again, but my DCL is not good enough for that :-( 
 I probably could hack it in csh but we've got no UNIX GCG ...]
Thanks for your help!


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