Getting ready for GCG v8

Brian Robertson b.robertson at sm.ic.ac.uk
Thu Apr 28 14:34:08 EST 1994

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> We currently run GCG (unix) v7.3.1 on a SparcStation running
> SunOS 4.1.1. From what I've heard, GCG v8 will require us
> to make the move to Solaris v2.x. Beside purchasing Solaris,
> will we also need to buy Sun's FORTRAN and/or C compilers?
> Does GCG require the compiler libraries to run? Are there
> any other extra pieces of hw/sw we should have in place
> before v8 arrives on our doorstep?
> Keith
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Dear Keith,

Best thing to do is contact Lindsay Feuling at GCG <feuling at gcg.com> who
can give you all the details about GCG v8.0 and what is needed to run it.


Brian Robertson

Dr. Brian D. Robertson
Dept. Medical Microbiology
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