PRETTYBOX, anywhere?

Pascal Bochet bochet at genome.vjf.inserm.fr
Tue Apr 26 05:02:30 EST 1994

vaidyaa at HAL.HAHNEMANN.EDU wrote:
:I have seen a few papers in which authors have used PRETTYBOX program of GCGto
:display multiple sequence alignments in which identical positions are
:negatively highlighted and conserved substitutions are boxed in stipples.Does
:anyone know where one can find PRETTYBOX?  It is not listed in our GCG manual
:(Release 7.3-VMS).  Forgive me if this is a FAQ.  I am also bothering my
:systems manager with this query...


:Akhil Vaidya

Do not forget the program BOXSHADE, by Kay Hofmann, also available from the 
EMBL with ftp.  (ftp.embl-heidelberg.de)
It it very similar to Prettybox but does not follow the GCG syntax. The input
can be a GCG  .msf , a clustal .aln or a maligned data file. The realy good
thing is the out put which can be a Postcript file, an EPS but also send to 
a REGIS, a color SIXEL or even a VT terminal. 
P Bochet (bochet at bobby.iaf.cnrs-gif.fr)                    

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