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William R. Pearson wrp at dayhoff.med.Virginia.EDU
Wed Apr 20 21:25:17 EST 1994

In article <01HBEJ4NSDLK99EY1A at niehs.nih.gov>,  <STAFFA at NIEHS.NIH.GOV> wrote:
>To my vast sorrow, there is a move from on high at this institution to
>put GCG on a Unix platform.  This machine is not yet bought. 
>The question  is:
>What platform, hardware and operating system,  would you recommend for
>I've noticed on INFO-GCG that people with Unix systems are always
>having some kind of trouble.  I've always thanked God for VMS and
>deleted these messages without paying them much mind. The questions: 
>What unique problems arise when running GCG on Unix?
>What sort of user-unfriendliness would I have to be warning my clients
>about when they are forced to make the transition? 

	The main problem that we have had since moving to GCG on Unix
is that the programs run about 50 times faster (well it was a Vax
11/750 and now they are SGI Indigo's :-)) and we have access to a lot
more network software much sooner than before.

	As far as GCG is concerned, it doesn't matter much whether you
run on Sun/Solaris, SGI, RS/6000, or DEC Alpha.  Pick the system that
you can get supported most easily.  SGI's are very good for molecular
graphics; if you have only one machine for molecular biology computing,
SGI's are hard to beat.

Bill Pearson

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