FTPing new GenBank Release

Thu Apr 21 10:20:36 EST 1994

I have developed a system that'll obtain and format a new GenBank
release in about a day.  It consists of two DCL command programs and a
data file. The first command file, GET_NEWRELEASE.COM, runs in batch
and reads lines from the data file, These contain the parameters that
are used when it submits the second command file, GET_GBSUBSECTION.COM.
This program is a modification of GCG's Get_gbnew. 
The data file contains the name of the batch queue which to submit each
job depending on CPU time limits. This is site specific. The other data
on the line defines various input and output files and logical names.
These are not site specific. I don't think anything else in this system
is site specific.
You may find these files and a Readme in folder GenBankFTP on the
NIEHS Gopher server in section NIEHS Intramural Research, 
Molecular Biology Burrow.
If this is a problem, Reply to me and I will E-mail this to you.

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