Move to Unix Platform

Andrew Healey andrew at qimr.edu.au
Thu Apr 21 00:07:36 EST 1994

: To my vast sorrow, there is a move from on high at this institution to
: put GCG on a Unix platform.  This machine is not yet bought. 
: The question  is:
: What platform, hardware and operating system,  would you recommend for
: GCG? 

: I've noticed on INFO-GCG that people with Unix systems are always
: having some kind of trouble.  I've always thanked God for VMS and
: deleted these messages without paying them much mind. The questions: 
: What unique problems arise when running GCG on Unix?
: What sort of user-unfriendliness would I have to be warning my clients
: about when they are forced to make the transition? 

Sorry about your vast sorrow, but we have been running GCG on a SunOs
platform now for 2 years with vast success. I don't even recall when
we last had a problem of any consequence. However I must add, probably
for your benefit, that the package running on UNIX has been ported to
this platform, and hence very much retains a VMS-like feel.

Andrew Healey
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