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In article <2o18ks$b0v at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, "A. Kalogeropoulos" <angelos at igmors.u-psud.fr> writes:
|> > *** Error: Cannot open file FUN:SCCHROMI
|> > What is the cause of this error ?
|> You have to specify EM_FUN:SCCHROMI (and not FUN:SCCHROMI)

In case that there wasn't a problem solution already, we observed similar 
effects if the FUN is specified in the *.header files of the corresponding
data base subsection (in this case, embldir:em_fun.*) and the logical name
FUN isn't defined in the siteuserspecs or similar file. There are two ways 
of getting out of this; one is to have the *.header file changed, the other
is to add FUN to the logical names table as EM_FUN is already there, 
with the same fields as EM_FUN. 

Maybe this helps

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