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In Article <CnJnDr.s7w at mozo.cc.purdue.edu>, pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu wrote:
>  What programs exist that (somewhat) intelligently convert a Postscript
>or EPS file to TIFF or PICT (etc.) so that it can be modified with a 
>typical graphics program (e.g. MacDraw, Canvas, etc.)?  

If you want to convert GCG graphics into a Mac editable format, a postscript
intermediate is a poor choice - sort of like tranlating fortran to basic via
chinese. I have found it much easier to generate the output in HPGL format
and then use the hypercard stack 'hp2pict deck', available from the usual
mac sources to convert the HPGL to PICT.  HPGL, like PICT, is a simple
description of the lines and text to be drawn.  Postscript is a rich
threaded programing language.
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