Postscript conversion.

Peter F Davis pd at world.std.com
Fri Apr 1 10:18:06 EST 1994

pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu writes:

>  What programs exist that (somewhat) intelligently convert a Postscript
>or EPS file to TIFF or PICT (etc.) so that it can be modified with a 
>typical graphics program (e.g. MacDraw, Canvas, etc.)?  

Computer Support Corporation used to sell a package called Decypher
which it claimed could convert any PostScript file into a format
editable by their own Arts & Letters graphics software.  I have no
idea if this still exists.

Somebody (I can't remember the name of the company) had a package
called Tailor which could edit arbitrary PostScript files.  Tailor
only runs on NeXTstep.

I believe Island Graphics has a graphics editor which can import
arbitrary PostScript files, but I don't know what platforms it runs

Other than that, I think the PostScript editing market is limited to
high end prepress and print production systems.

>  By "intelligently" I mean in such a way that text remains text, not 
>an arbitrary assembly of graphics.
>  Tscript (Teletypesetting Company, Brookline, MA) can do the EPS to TIFF 
>or PICT conversion but the resulting file contains one big graphics image 
>-- no text.  Microsoft Word can convert an EPS file to a lesser extent 
>in that it can print it okay but displays it only as a large grey 
>box.  Canvas does essentially the same thing.

Microsoft Word doesn't convert the file ... it just includes it.
>  The postscript file comes from the GCG program PRETTYPLOT.  If GCG could 
>create TIFF or PICT graphics files there wouldn't be a problem -- but GCG 
>seems to be made to allow output to a printer or printer-formated file 

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