books on sequence analysis?

Michael Coyne mjcoyne at warren.med.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 30 16:07:06 EST 1993


I'm sure this is not a totally appropriate place for this message, but...

I'm new to sequencing and sequence analysis (DNA and AA), and I'm looking
for advice on books that may help me out.  I'm analysing my seqences using
the GCG package, but I can't help but think I should understand more of
what's going on with these programs.  For example, I don't fully understand
what the consequences of altering certian default settings of many programs
(gap, bestfit, pileup, etc).

I have a book by R. F. Doolittle (Of URFS and ORFS - A Primer on How to
Analyze Derived Amino Acid Seqences) which is exactly the type of thing I'm
looking for, but it's a little dated (copyright 1987).

Anyone have any suggestions for books along these lines that are more
recent (or particularly good ones of any age)?



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