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In article <CDH92t.1zL at umdnj.edu>, gold at umdnj.edu (Bert Gold) writes:
|> OK, so I am new to GCG land.
|> I've been using Pustell's programs, DNAstar, EUGENE and various and
|> other sundry packages.
|> But, I started using GCG last week, and I like it!
|> (When have you last heard a certified gene jock say he liked anything?)
|> At any rate, they hired me to do a bunch of PCR.
|> So I'm asking, Does GCG have a subroutine designed to check or pick,
|> good PCR primers for a given sequence?
|> I eagerly await your kind replies.
|> Bert Gold, Ph.D.
|> Temple University, Philadelphia
|> currentl addresses:  gold at rwja.umdnj.edu
|>                      gold at soma.umdnj.edu
|>                      bgold at hoh.mbl.edu
|>                      gold at astro.ocis.temple.edu
|>                      bert at sgi1.fels.temple.edu

The answer is that one has been promised and is forthcoming at some future date. 
In the meantime there is a shell program base on the GCG FOLD program that I have
devised for analyzing oligonucleotide interactions to help optomize primer pairs.
This was published in BioTechniques 13: 914-917 (1992).  I would be happy to
e-mail anyone a copy of the program and some notes which I have compiled about
other programs which I have found useful in addition to the shell program. 


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