Converting GeneSeq to GCG

Tim Bolling bollingt at ugene1.abbott.com
Tue Sep 14 08:13:36 EST 1993

IG has misled you.  GCG has a system utility for converting the GeneSeq 
database into a GCG dataset.  The utility is called "GENESEQTOGCG".  If your
manuals are similar to mine you can find out how to use this utility in the
System Utility section of the System Support Manual (pages 27-31).  It is
especially helpful to use the "Suggestions" on page 29 and 30.

Tim Bolling
bollingt at ugene1.abbott.com

PS:  We have the Unix version so I'm not sure exactly what the analogous
file is called in VMS but you should edit the "$GENSCRIPTDOC:versions.txt"
file to reflect the addition of the GeneSeqP and GeneSeqN databanks.

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