Help!!! *.gcg-lalign ==> which prog?

L.H. Bell lhb at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Tue Sep 14 11:46:00 EST 1993

> Dorothy Lowry writes;
>A college of mine has a small problem.  His student produced an alignment
>last year and he would like to reproduce it.  I *THINK* it was done with
>a program in the gcg package but am not sure.  The output file has the
>extension: file.gcg-lalign
>Does anyone know WHICH program produces such an output file?  Any help
>would be appreciated!

I don't know of any gcg programs called lalign, but there is a program lalign
in the fasta suite of programs (see W. R. Pearson and D. J. Lipman (1988),
"Improved Tools for Biological Sequence Analysis", PNAS 85:2444-2448, and 
W. R.  Pearson (1990) "Rapid and Sensitive Sequence Comparison with FASTP and 
FASTA" Methods in Enzymology 183:63-98). 

lalign produces a rigorous local sequence alignment, and displays the top x 
number of these. 

Hope this is some help,

Lachlan Bell

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