Way to gap around a 100 bp insertion?

Alan Bleasby ajb at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Sat Sep 11 09:38:54 EST 1993

I'd just like to echo Peter's suggestions. His posting was just about the best
I've seen on the `utility' of WORDSEARCH. It's a very useful program in some

It is possibly one of the worst for `database searching'. Unless you know
your sequence is VERY well conserved do not use WORDSEARCH for this type
of operation.... FASTA/BLAST/DAP/etc are far better.

Perhaps I may be proactive and suggest that WORDSEARCH is removed from the
database scanning section of the GCG manual and appropriately documented in
fragment assembly/utilities.


Alan Bleasby
SERC Daresbury Laboratory
Warrington WA4 4AD

SEQNET is an EMBnet UK node

PS: Wrt my previous postings: Michael Hogan at GCG answered them swiftly &
    professionally. I'd just like to publically thank the GCG team for
    providing a fast and effective  information/bug-solving service.

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