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  In response to your letter received Tue, Oct 5, 1993 at 3:08 PM
  yes, there is an outstanding book called The Whole Internet User's Guide and
  Catalog by Krol.  It is available from Quantum books in Cambridge MA:  ph: 
  494 5042, fax 617 577 7282, email:  quanbook at world.std.com.  This book
  describes archie, gopher, etc; how to use them and how to get them over the
  internet.  much recommended!!
  larry goldstein
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  Hi Fellow netters,
  I am ( well at least i thought ) slowly getting the hang of internet etc etc.

  however Things like Gopher and Archie are not particularly clear to me-both
  there functions/roles and usage.
  Is there an idiots or at least an netters guide out there in the ether??
  Thankyou in advance
  Adrian Jenkins
  Jenkins at uk.ac.nibsc.comp
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