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In article <2d193k$rii at oak.oakland.edu> dwomble at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu writes:

>I have just installed GCG vn 7.3-UNIX and the menuing programs HYBROW and
>HYGCGmenu on a Sun IPX.  The HYGCGmenu menus make it very convenient for
>new users of GCG to operate the package.  However, I have discovered that
>the menus as received "out of the box" do not all operate properly.  I
>have discovered several fixes to the menus (with the help of the authors
>of HYGCGmenu and several other users), and would be interested in sharing
>information with other people who are also running GCG vn 7.3-UNIX with
>the HYGCGmenu programs.  If you are interested, or if similar posts have
>been made to this group before about adapting HYGCGmenu to GCG vn
>7.3-UNIX, I would be gratefull to learn about what other people have found
>out about running these programs. 

 Yes there are very few fixes to the original menus. The menus 
need a maintenance according to new releases of GCG. Lately I added
TOFASTA, MFold and Plotfold.

 In my menu here I systematically differenciate for some programs, the
use of a gcg program with a file names and the use of the same program
on an individual name or keyword. As for example with fetch program, 
when applied to a file of names (obtained by the stringsearch program
 for example), or when applied to a single accession number.
I differenciated this use as follows :

  X) eXecute FETCH on name list in selected file
  x) eXecute FETCH on an individual keyword
  o) FETCH dOcumentation    u)nix prompt

Other programmes have the same kind of use as, TOFASTA, TOIG,

 At present I am preparing a set of examples of using each GCG program
under hygcgmenu ( which might be useful also for GCG users from the unix
prompt). I will introduce an extra option E)xample for each program as
the onces available at present ( X)ecute x)xecute and o)document ).
The example option will show the use of the program with the hygcgmenu.
 I hope these examples will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks.

 At that time DR. Tin-Wee Tan (bchtantw at nuscc.nus.sg) may include the
new enhancements in a future release of hygcgmenu.

Fredj Tekaia

Fredj Tekaia				Service d'Informatique Scientifique
tekaia at pasteur.fr			Institut Pasteur
					25, rue du Dr. Roux
					75724 Paris cedex 15	France

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