GCG X-windows interphase for DEC AXP/VMS

Chad Price x7936 cprice at netserv.unmc.edu
Tue Nov 30 14:17:03 EST 1993

msalminen at ktl.fi writes:


>Does anybody know when the GCG software group will release the X-windows
>interphase for GCG running on DEC Alpha AXP systems with VMS?

>Thanks in advance, please answear to my email: mika.salminen at ktl.fi

Since they (the Genetics Computer Group people) didn't know last time I asked,
I can't provide an answer either. At that time, they were hoping for mid-1994,
but as some of the timing was due to factors outside their control, I would
look to them for updates on the release date.

In August, I previewed a pre-alpha release which had some functionality built
into it. It looked pretty good to me. My demo was running on their machine in
Madison and displaying on my OS/2 PC running IBM's TCP/IP and PMX packages in
Omaha Nebraska.  Since it worked fine in that kind of environment, I presume it
is generic X, and thus it shouldn't matter what platform you are running, it
should work.

chad price
chad at windsurf.unmc.edu

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