Molecular Biology BOF at DECUS, Dec 4-10

Thu Nov 18 10:59:31 EST 1993

     I'd like to invite all of you who may be attending the DECUS
Symposium in San Francisco, Dec. 4-10, to an informal Birds-of-a-Feather
(BOF) meeting for users and developers of molecular biology software.
In the past, this has been a time of getting acquainted, information 
exchange, airing complaints and helping one another with problems.  !
Overall, I have found the BOF meetings extremely rewarding for the
small amount of time invested.  

     I will attempt to schedule the BOF for Monday or Tuesday
unless I hear a number of requests for alternate days.  Watch the
information monitors and/or Update.Daily for the exact date and time.
I hope many of you can attend.

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