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Mon Nov 8 06:58:56 EST 1993

In <1993Nov7.161039.2127 at vms.huji.ac.il> inna at vms.huji.ac.il (Inna Shnitman) writes:

>  I'm looking for the source of the old TOFASTA program, written by
>Steve Clark.
>  We use his BLASMAIL command file to send mail to NCBI BLAST server.
>Now I'm transferring GCG from VAX to ALPHA and have to recompile all
>the programs. BLASTMAIL uses Clark's TOFASTA program and I need its
>source. New GCG TOFASTA doesn't give the same output parameters.
>  The old TOFASTA source is no more on the EMBL server where I took
>it from.

I would suggest that instead you use Thon De Boer's excellect script
called mailfasta. It will not only give Blast from NCBI and Fasta from
EMBL but there are interfaces to BLOCKS, GRAIL, PHD, and a host of
other goodies. Here are some ftp sites where you can nab the file from.

Host nic.funet.fi

   In /pub/sci/molbio/unix 
      File mailfasta3.shar 30K (30425 bytes) 05-10-92 

Host isgate.is

   In /pub/Usenet/Usenet.src/comp.archives/auto/bionet.software 
      File mailfasta-3-0 1K (1666 bytes) 09-11-92 

Host pinus.slu.se

   In /pub/molbio/search 
      File mailfasta3.2.readme 10K (10208 bytes) 15-07-93 06:49 
      File mailfasta3.2.shar.gz 11K (11246 bytes) 15-07-93 06:49 

Host ftp.sunet.se

   In /pub/molbio/search 
      File mailfasta3.2.readme 10K (10208 bytes) 15-07-93 08:49 
      File mailfasta3.2.shar.gz 11K (11246 bytes) 15-07-93 08:49 

   In /pub/molbio/unix 
      File mailfasta22.readme 3K (3012 bytes) 28-04-92 
      File mailfasta22.shar.gz 6K (6578 bytes) 27-04-92 
      File mailfasta3.0.gz 8K (8325 bytes) 05-09-92 
      File mailfasta3.0.readme 1K (1321 bytes) 05-09-92 

You will also have to get Don Gilbert's Readseq for mailfasta to work


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