Inna Shnitman inna at vms.huji.ac.il
Sun Nov 7 11:10:39 EST 1993

  I'm looking for the source of the old TOFASTA program, written by
Steve Clark.
  We use his BLASMAIL command file to send mail to NCBI BLAST server.
Now I'm transferring GCG from VAX to ALPHA and have to recompile all
the programs. BLASTMAIL uses Clark's TOFASTA program and I need its
source. New GCG TOFASTA doesn't give the same output parameters.
  The old TOFASTA source is no more on the EMBL server where I took
it from.

    Thank you.		Inna
 Inna Shnitman                     Phone      972-2-584848
 Hebrew University 		   E-Mail    Inna at hujivms.bitnet
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