Chad R. Knupp ar045 at yfn.ysu.edu
Fri Nov 5 15:51:13 EST 1993

I know this post probably doesn't follow the topic of this group
well...however, I'm posting to a lot of places in the hopes of finding
a few people. I'm looking for people who can give me some info on
OS9 and/or VRTX, both are supercomputer os's written by Microware.
I need a # to Microware and/or a place to buy both of the affor mentioned
products. Also, maybe someone has some info on Applied Inteligence
Systems... I'm looking to purchase a virtual memory extention bus...
I need to know what kind of drivers it requires and what kind of
hardware is needed. If you work for either company or have been a
customer, please contact me asap.
Thanx much for your time.

--cHad Knupp

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