<Q> Saving list of hits with Gopher

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Thu Nov 4 11:42:06 EST 1993

Use a gopher+ client to this link:

IUBio archive (ftp.bio.indiana.edu)
 > Genbank-Sequences/
  > Search GenBank (latest full release)/ <??>
 -- or --
  > Search GenBank (weekly updates)/ <??>

These, and other Gopher+ ASK items at IUBio archive will allow you
more choices than the old gopher- search items:

 | _____ Search data by key words _____ 
 | Search for?             
 | Maximum matches:  100 
 | ___________________________________________________
 | The default search finds records matching all words.
 | Use `and' and `not' to eliminate useless matches.  
 | Use `*' (as in gen*) to match partial words.      
 | Want more help?   no   

This search item will return this sort of result:
      1.  Titles of matches to "drosophila and adh".
      2.  Select items to return as one document. <??>
      3.  (1) X13812 D.affinidisjuncta Adh gene for alcohol dehydrogenase.
      4.  (2) X54813 D.ambigua gene for alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) (EC 1.1.1....
Item 1. is the list of all matches, Item 2. allows you to return a subset
of the matches as one document, and items 3...end are the separate matches

Gopher+ clients include my GopherApp++ which is still under development 
(and in which I keep finding/making new bugs each week), TurboGopher,
the Unix curses screen client from U.Minnesota, version 2.08 or later,
and HGopher the MS Windows client.  Gopher+ is still evolving as an information
medium, but it allows much more interesting interactions that old gopher-.

See the IUBio Archive/Gopher+TEST/ folder for examples of doing sequence
searches (BLAST, FASTA, BLOCKS, etc) and uploading files, via gopher+.

More later on this, when I get more of the bugs worked out.  But the 
Genbank searches work well in general.

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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