jenkins at uk.ac.nibsc.aidsun jenkins at uk.ac.nibsc.aidsun
Tue Nov 2 05:01:01 EST 1993

Does anybody know of a patch program which will allow the GDE package to utilse the EMBL/Swissprot databases as supplied on CD-ROM; or do I have to copy the entire dbase(s) on to hard disc, and also reformat into genbank format???  This will obviously waste valuable disc space.

Alternatively, would it be easier (although a waste of "bandwidth") to, over a period of time ftp the genbank dbase, or at least the sections which I require more frequently, to enable the full use of the GDE package.

A slight change of topic, does anybody know where i can find a complete list of newsgroups available, and how do I subscribe??

Adrian Jenkins

Jenkins at uk.ac.nibsc.comp

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