Help setting up an HP plotter on a VAX

Paul Keenan, Library Database Administrator keenan at HAL.HAHNEMANN.EDU
Thu May 20 14:50:04 EST 1993

>We're trying to set up a queue that our GCG users can use to output their
>graphics to an HP7550+.  There seems to be a flow control or communications
>problem.  When we run PLOTTEST the three characters of "Page" are plotted and
>then it just stops.  The queue is idle, having sent everything off to the
>plotter.  At this point we're not sure whether it is a problem with the serial
>connector or if we're not configuring something properly.  We'd appreciate any
>advice from anyone who has already figured this out.

Thanks to all those who responded. My problem with setting up the queue for a
plotter concerned how the form was defined.  I was embarassed to learn that
there are instructions in the GCG manual for setting up plotting queues.  If I
had followed these from the start, I would have been fine.

Michael Hogan from GCG gave me the following instructions which as he notes
also appear in the Installation section of the System Support Manual.

You don't say how your form is defined.  It sounds like this may be a "wrap"
problem.  The  form for a queued device should be /nowrap/ttsync/notruncate to
prevent interruption of the stream of graphics commands.
If this queue is sys$print you might try the following;

$ define/form/nowrap/notruncate default 0
$ stop/queue/next sys$print
$ set device/nospooled $printer
$ set terminal/perm/nowrap/ttsync $printer
$ set device/spooled=(sys$print, sys$sysdevice:) $printer
$ start/queue sys$print /on=$printer/form=default
$ assign "|print/queue=sys$print" plotport

Instructions for setting up a queue frm scratch are in the System Support
Manual (page 46 of the installation section).

Michael Hogan, PhD		phone:  (608) 231-5200
Genetics Computer Group, Inc.	  fax:  (608) 231-5202
575 Science Dr., Suite B        e-mail: help at gcg.com
Madison, WI  53711		e-mail: hogan at gcg.com

Thanks again to Michael and everyone else who replied.


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