Help setting up an HP plotter on a VAX

Paul Keenan, Library Database Administrator keenan at HAL.HAHNEMANN.EDU
Thu May 20 10:15:05 EST 1993

We're trying to set up a queue that our GCG users can use to output their
graphics to an HP7550+.  There seems to be a flow control or communications
problem.  When we run PLOTTEST the three characters of "Page" are plotted and
then it just stops.  The queue is idle, having sent everything off to the
plotter.  At this point we're not sure whether it is a problem with the serial
connector or if we're not configuring something properly.  We'd appreciate any
advice from anyone who has already figured this out.

Our configuration follows:
MicroVAX 3100/80
DECServer 90/TL (connected to a DEChub)
VMS 5.5-2
DECconnect office cable (twisted pair)
DEC H8571-A serial connector

The LAT port setup is

The Queue setup is:

The Terminal Server Port setup is:
character size=8
Flow control=XON
Stop Bits+Dynamic
Input/Output Speed=9600
Signal Control Disabled
Autobaud,autoconnect,autoprompt are all disabled

The Plotter setup is:

Thanks in advance for any advice



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