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cup at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca cup at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca
Tue May 18 13:03:10 EST 1993

 Hi,  I hope this newsgroup is open for teh public!! Just seen tests so

I've just installed GCG for our dept and have to support it for a bunch of
people who previously used the IG-Suite (it's on UNIX).

Before I reinvent the wheel, does anyone have a set of examples/tutorials
they'd be willing to share? 
Also, does everyone make do with stringsearch and names for retrieval from
the databases or is there a better way? One of the redeeming features of
the IG-Suite was "findseq" a great program for getting into the databases.
I guess one could just use ENTREZ!! (I'm a new convert after trying the
network version). But it would be nice to get things straight into GCG
format. I'd like to make this as smooth a transition as possible :-)

Oh, another question.....   is there a color tektronix emulator for
IBM-like machines (I use Versatermpro for teh mac -- it's great)

Thanks in advance,
Chris Upton
Unversity of Alberta

cup at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca

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