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A. Parsons mbpcr at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Sat Jun 5 20:13:32 EST 1993

In article <9306050426.AA18145 at net.bio.net> MBSMITH at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU (jeff Smith) writes:
>I realize this is one of those questions that does not have a correct
>    answer, but .... we are planning to get a new computer/work station
>    to be dedicated to running the GCG software and a few other molecular
>    biology programs such as gel readers.  At the present time we have about
>    15-20 heavy users and 40 accounts total.  We are currently running the
>    GCG on a microvax with vms but this machine will not be available in the
>    future.  So the question is, for this rather restricited use, what would
>    be the best machine to cover our present needs and the near future?  I
>    have heard some praise for the Sun work stations in the past but I do not
>    know enough about them to make a decision.
>I will listen and welcome any advice I can get...... Thanks Jeff Smith
>    If you have any suggestions send to this address or jsmith at cisa02.ecu.edu

IMHO (and in the states the dollar to mIPS is better than over here) I would go
for a DEC Alpha Workstation - the Wisconsin Package (tm) as GCG is now to be
known have nechmarked the Alpha so perhaps they would care to advise you?

Tony P. (as above or AKA parsons_a at snd01.cr.co.uk)

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