GCG work station

Fri Jun 4 23:07:17 EST 1993

I realize this is one of those questions that does not have a correct
    answer, but .... we are planning to get a new computer/work station
    to be dedicated to running the GCG software and a few other molecular
    biology programs such as gel readers.  At the present time we have about
    15-20 heavy users and 40 accounts total.  We are currently running the
    GCG on a microvax with vms but this machine will not be available in the
    future.  So the question is, for this rather restricited use, what would
    be the best machine to cover our present needs and the near future?  I
    have heard some praise for the Sun work stations in the past but I do not
    know enough about them to make a decision.

I will listen and welcome any advice I can get...... Thanks Jeff Smith
    If you have any suggestions send to this address or jsmith at cisa02.ecu.edu

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