VMS memory management for GCG

Charles A. Alexander charles at MEDINFO.ROCHESTER.EDU
Fri Jul 23 14:26:47 EST 1993


This question is directed more towards the system administrators who run GCG
on their various systems.  Particularly, VMS platforms.

We just acquired a new VAX 4000 Model 90 with 32 MB of memory.  It's been 
running like a real champ for us except whenever there are more than 3 
FASTA jobs in the batch queue.  Then I get PAGEFILE fragmentation errors.

Now, the PAGEFILE.SYS  on our system is 65000 and the SWAPFILE.SYS is 2800.
Based on DEC's rule of thumb those are pretty good page sizes.

I also extended the WS (extent,set & def) quotas for each user.

However, this problem still persists in peak load hours, if those FASTA/BATCH 
jobs get around 4 or 5.

I have done all the things that GCG recommends like setting PGFLQUOTA to at 
least 25000 (27,500) and VirtualPageCnt to the same (~ 73000).  But I really 
think it is just the size of PAGEFILE.SYS and SWAPFILE.SYS that's the issue.
Just how big is big enough?  Any ideas, comments or formulas?  My apologies if 
the solution is glaringly obvious.

Thanks for your time.

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