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hogan at GCG.COM hogan at GCG.COM
Mon Jul 19 09:03:18 EST 1993

Notice to GCG Administrators.

If you are updating your databases for use by the GCG Wisconsin Package from 
the NCBI flat files (obtained by FTP or from the flat file CDROM) 
for GenBank 77.0, you should be aware of two potentially troublesome entry 

		Locus		Location
		MUS4.1SP	GenBank flat file gbrod.seq
		HUMDRA:		GenBank flat file gbpri.seq

These locus names contain characters normally used as field separators in GCG
sequence specifications.  The flat files will format without error, but these
entries may not be accessible by other programs.

We suggest that you edit those flat files and remove the characters before
performing the conversion to GCG format (that is how we prepared the data for
our database update distribution).

To prevent this problem in the future, NCBI has agreed to use only 
uppercase alphabetic and numeric characters in all updates and major
releases of GenBank.

We apologize for this inconvenience.  Please contact GCG if you have
any questions.

Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan, PhD		phone:  (608) 231-5200
Genetics Computer Group, Inc.	  fax:  (608) 231-5202
575 Science Dr., Suite B        e-mail: help at gcg.com
Madison, WI  53711		e-mail: hogan at gcg.com

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