Reformatting NCBI's EMBL sequences for GCG

Charles A. Alexander charles at MEDINFO.ROCHESTER.EDU
Wed Jul 14 10:54:40 EST 1993

Hello again

Thanks for the overwhelming response to my question.  Looks like the NCBI 
version of the EMBL files don't have the SQ line after the header.  As many of 
you pointed out.  Hence neither  FromGenbank nor FromEMBL "knows" how to read
the extracted files.  Reformat works fine if you add the .. after the header.
I just thought it might be nice not to have to edit the file before reformatting
(i.e fromGenbank for Genbank flatfiles.)  

Charles Bailey sent me some helpful patch information, though I haven't tried it
yet.  Will keep you good folks posted.

Thanks again

Charles Alexander

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