Reformatting EMBL sequences for GCG

Michael J. Weise weise at BSCR.UGA.EDU
Wed Jul 14 07:24:10 EST 1993

	As has been mentioned in other replies about this, sequences retrieved 
from NCBI are in a format of their own and not anything like the flatfile 
formats for any of the sequence databases.  If a single sequence has been 
retrieved, you can use REFORMAT to create a file in GCG format - PROVIDED you do 
the following:
		- edit the retrieve sequence, placing a line with  .. after the
		  comments, etc. and before the sequence

		- search through sequence's documentation to be sure there are 
		  no other lines with  ..  before the one you added.  [Look
		  especially at entries in the features table which provide
		  info about the beginning and ending sequence positions for
		  elements of interest.  These begin/end numbers are separated
		  a pair of periods ( .. ) and REFORMAT will make the line with
		  them the 'dividing line' and add everything after those dots
		  into the sequence.  You wont find that very useful.]


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