Diverge results interpretation ?

gfourel at pasteur.fr gfourel at pasteur.fr
Fri Dec 31 06:38:42 EST 1993

  I recently tried to use Diverge on gcg, and obtained the kind of result
that you may know ! After understanding the meaning of 'category 1, 2 and 3'
I now wonder about interpretation of the results:

- Why is that when two sequences are introduced, the results are the same 
  whatever the order in which they are analysed?
- When is a category large enough to be of consideration?
- Has an average value between the results obtained in each of the categories 
  be calculated and finally taken into account? 

  If you could reply directly by Email, as I don't read this newsgroup 
frequently enough.

 Thanks in advance,


Genevieve Fourel		     			       Institut Pasteur
gfourel at pasteur.fr

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