Printing GCG graphics with PC

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
Tue Dec 28 12:02:00 EST 1993

In Article <2f51mn$o0n at TAMUTS.TAMU.EDU> "dln4300 at TAMUTS.TAMU.EDU (David L. Northcliffe)" says:
> I missed the discussion, but I was told that there has been some interest
> in printing GCG graphics in this group recently.  I personally have tried
> pass-through printing and PostScript files with no success at all.
I have done this on both my old vax account, and my new unix account.  It
is very simple, and I usually set it up in my login.com or .login as the
default for my account.  The commands are the same on both accounts, but the
syntax my change a little.  Try a couple permutations to see what works on
your system, then write it into your login file as your default.  First, you
must set up your HP Laserprinter on LPTI (look up the commands for another
printer).  It will not read LPTII, and I cannot get it to re-set.  I have
gotten it to go to a network printer that was networked through LPTI.  The 
command is:
hpgl laserjetiii term
that's it.  The hpgl sets to Hewlett Packard Graphics Language, laserjetiii
sets to the printer type, and term sets standard output to your terminal 
(ie, your pc).  Oh yeah, you must have a couple megs of memory in your
printer to handle the size of the graphics output from most of the programs
in GCG.  It doesn't cost that much.  You can still test it out without the
extra memory with some of the smaller outputs, but it will choke on the
big ones.  Good Luck.
.	Leonard N. Bloksberg
.	bloksber at pilot.msu.edu

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