Printing GCG graphics

Tim Bolling bollingt at ugene1.abbott.com
Mon Dec 13 18:56:18 EST 1993

D. Womble writes:


> It is easy to print GCG graphics on the LaserJet attached to a PC
> by simply sending them to the passthrough printer port.  That doesn't seem
> to work for the Mac.

> One way that does work is to first dislplay the graph on the Mac's monitor
> in a TEK4107 window and then send it to the LaserJet 4M with Print
> Selection.  However, that doesn't seem to work for the LaserWriter, as
> Print Selection is not available.  With the same combination, Mac
> plus LaserWriter, printing text seems to work (although not with GCG
> ListFile).

> Are there any instructions available for printing GCG graphics with a Mac?

Cornelius Krasel responded with suggestions of 1)copying tek graphics and pasting into graphic programs (eg. MacDraw) and 2)ftping the EPSF graphic output file from the Sun to the Mac for printing.

A couple of other possibilities (which unfortunately cost money for software) 
   3) Using Synergy Software's VersaTerm-Pro on your Macs.  The program provides
Tek 4105 emulation and provides the File/Print Graphics option while in graphics
mode.  This option allows printing to your Chosen printer.  (Screen-dump-quality
   4) Wollongong's PathWay Client NFS for Macs allows you to set up a Print 
Server on your Mac.  You then provide the printcap info to your Sun and then
you can print from the Sun to your Macintosh-connected laserwriter using the
unix lpr command.  This enables not only you - the local user of the Mac - to
print GCG graphics but also allows anyone else on the Sun to be able to print
postscript graphics and text to your mac laserwriter.

Tim Bolling 

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