Printing GCG graphics on a MAC

Tue Dec 14 09:05:48 EST 1993

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D. Womble writes:


> It is easy to print GCG graphics on the LaserJet attached to a PC
> by simply sending them to the passthrough printer port.  That doesn't seem
> to work for the Mac.

> One way that does work is to first dislplay the graph on the Mac's monitor
> in a TEK4107 window and then send it to the LaserJet 4M with Print
> Selection.  However, that doesn't seem to work for the LaserWriter, as
> Print Selection is not available.  With the same combination, Mac
> plus LaserWriter, printing text seems to work (although not with GCG
> ListFile).

> Are there any instructions available for printing GCG graphics with a Mac?

For those that access the GCG package via a modem there is another solution.
I am using Smartcom II software for my modem and I do not know if this is also 
possible with network sofware but....

Once you have set the GCG package for postscript you can  do the following:
For example if you want to plot the graphics from FRAMES simply -  
put  /plot=tempfile on the command line to have the output sent to a file 
called "tempfile".  Then you can type "type tempfile" but before 
you hit <enter> turn on the Smartcom option to capture data to disk, 
then hit <enter> and the file will be saved on the hard drive.  
Then just use the LaserFont utility to print the file.  

Sometimes there is a bug in the capturing process and a line of a postscript
command gets wrapped around to the next line in the file.. but these are easy
to correct using a text editor.  

I have this whole thing automated using the Smartcom "autopilot" feature so 
it is easy to do while you stay on line with the GCG package.  I would be
interested to hear if this or a similar method works for folks using 
network software.   Hope this was of some help.

Jeff Smith 

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