Printing GCG graphics on a MAC

Jan T. Kim kim at VAX.mpiz-koeln.mpg.d400.de
Tue Dec 14 15:29:12 EST 1993

Jeff Smith wrote:

>For example if you want to plot the graphics from FRAMES simply -  
>put  /plot=tempfile on the command line to have the output sent to a file 
>called "tempfile".  Then you can type "type tempfile" but before 
>you hit <enter> turn on the Smartcom option to capture data to disk, 
>then hit <enter> and the file will be saved on the hard drive.  
>Then just use the LaserFont utility to print the file.  

This should be feasible with any setup that uses terminal emulators
which have a facility to download files from the host (e.g. x/y/zmodem,
kermit). Of course the corresponding upload protocol needs to be
installed on the host as well. Using such a facility to download the
plotfile should also prevent any mangling of postscript commands
due to line wrapping etc.

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