Help. Are protein folding prediction programs available?

Jack Kramer kramer at oj.rsmas.miami.edu
Thu Dec 9 11:34:50 EST 1993

In <9312091353.AA27502 at net.bio.net> CHANG, VIVIAN <VIS at ICBR.IFAS.UFL.EDU> wrote:
>Subj:	protein folding prediction programs
>I am wondering if there are any programs that can predict the protein
>folding and present in a graphics pattern, that are available on
>VAX or for PC.  I would greatly appreciate if you could help in this. 
 A Gopher search for "protein structure" in the JHU gopher gives the
 appended screen.  Searching further thru these resources will provide a 
 good summary of the available software.  Unfortunately we are a long
 way from predicting accurately even the secondary structure of proteins
 so it may be a while until programs can correctly predict the
 tertiary conformation.  PepPlot, PeptideStructure and other GCG
 protein analysis programs are representative of the simpler prediction
 software.  If you would like to participate in more knowledgable 
 and in depth discussions you should forward your question to the protein 
 or information theory bionet groups for LOTS more info.

 Jack Kramer
 University of Florida TREC
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