Prettyplot problems.

Michael Coyne mjcoyne at warren.med.harvard.edu
Fri Dec 3 14:21:12 EST 1993

In article <1993Dec3.135329.43337 at urz.unibas.ch>, naas1 at urz.unibas.ch

> Hello everybody,
> Does anybody know how to open and modify an EPSF file on MAC that has
> been created with the GCG programm Prettyplot? I tryed several
> programs already but so far without succes. Any advice is welcome.

Not sure what kind of trouble you're having, but the encapsulated
postscript file (or any postscript file, for that matter) should be plain
ASCII text.  You can open (import) these files with virtualy any word
processor.  Modifying them, however, requires that you know how to write in
the postscript language.

Also, you *must* save the modified file as "text only" - not in the format
of your word processor.

Hope this helps...

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