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Thomas Zucker-Scharff x3512 zucker at leper1.ca.aecom.yu.edu
Wed Aug 18 10:40:23 EST 1993

Currently we running GCG , the Wisconsin Package, a genetic sequencing software
package, on a VAX/VMS 3100 cluster.  Handle batch processing/printing from 
Macs and PCs we use Alisa Systems software.

I've started the change over from VMS to UNIX.  We'll be running the same GCG
software on a SGI Challenge M series server with 96mb and ~5gb diskspace.

My problem is that the Alisa Systems software doesn't run on UNIX - so my
users are going to have difficulty printing, and I have no way to set up 
timed batch queues.  

I understand that Sitka has a product - how do I get in touch with them?
What about NeWSprint, would it solve my printing problem?  Where do I get it?
SGI has a product called 4DNQS that seems good from the man pages that 
Reinhard Doelz sent me, but my SGI reps are taking their time getting back to
me - does anyone have any comments on it.

I've got about 600 users, although I don't get more than 15 or so on the system
at a time.  All our printers are hooked directly to the network ( a peer-to-
peer net using 10baseT connections)


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