gcg codonpreference with 300,000 bases - problem

Frank Wright mbfw at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 2 08:43:20 EST 1993

I have been looking at Yeast chromosome III (just over 300k long)
using codonpreference with the -nopref and -bias=gc options, with
the SGI and SUN Unix versions of GCG.

The program hangs after drawing part of the first of the 3 frames
- it doesn't draw the curve but just the tickmarks at the bottom
of the first frame.  Although this sequence is less than 350K (the
default sequence length maximum) maybe this problem has something to
do with the length of the input sequence?

Any ideas?  
Frank Wright
SASS, University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

frank @ sass.sari.ac.uk

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